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Fresh to your phone is the Freddy’s app. Browse the Freddy’s menu, view limited-time offers, locate your nearest Freddy’s, and, most importantly, earn points when you become a FredHead.

WHAT IS A FredHead?

FredHeads are what we call our most loyal and loving fans. It’s also what we call members of Freddy’s Rewards. Download the Freddy’s app, become an official FredHead, and start earning free Freddy’s.*


Spend $1 at Freddy’s, earn 10 points. All of your points are logged in the Freddy’s app. Earn enough points and you can cash them in for free Freddy’s. Save your points to reach a higher rewards level. Higher levels = bigger rewards! Anybody else getting hungry?

*App download and sign in required to earn points and redeem rewards.

Mobile device taking picture in a Freddy's Frozen Custard Steakburgers location


What is a FredHead?
The term FredHead originated as a way to describe our most passionate and loyal fans! There is no better description for members of our loyalty program.

How does the Freddy's Rewards program work?
First, become an official FredHead by downloading the Freddy's app and creating your account. Then, for every $1 you spend at Freddy's you can earn 10 points. All of your points are logged in the Freddy's app. Earn enough points and you can cash them in for rewards. You can also save your points to reach higher reward levels for bigger rewards.


How do I earn points?
Earn points at Freddy's restaurants by tapping "Earn Points" or the red cone in the upper right corner of the screen and show the Freddy's cashier your rewards code after you finish ordering, but before you pay. Points will be awarded based on your total, prior to tax. Points are typically updated within 24 hours of your purchase.

Can I earn points in the drive-thru?
Yes, of course! Tap the "Earn Points" button and show the Freddy's drive-thru cashier your rewards code once you arrive at the drive-thru window, but before you pay.

What if my rewards code is not entered before I pay?
Unfortunately, our app does not currently allow points to be added to your account after you pay.

Do my points expire?
Points expire one calendar year after they have been earned. Once your points have expired, unfortunately, they will not be reinstated to your account.

Do I earn points when I purchase a gift card?
No, you do not receive points when you purchase a Freddy's gift card.

Do I earn points when I pay with a gift card?
Yes, you receive points when paying with a Freddy's gift card.

Do I earn points when I purchase Freddy's retail items in the restaurant?
Yes, you receive points when purchasing Freddy's Famous Steakburger & Fry Seasoning®, Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce®, Freddy’s Famous Jalapeño Fry Sauce® and frozen custard items in the retail freezer.

Unfortunately, purchases of Freddy's retail items online or in non-Freddy's retail locations are not eligible to earn points.


What are rewards?
Rewards include free food and frozen custard items that you receive by redeeming your available points.

How will I know when I receive a reward?
You can see how many points you have earned by tapping "My Points" or the "Rewards" tab at the bottom of the screen. The "Redeem" button will be available when you have enough points to redeem an item at each point level. Tap "See what I can get" to see what items are available for redemption at each point level.

If you have email and/or push notifications turned on in the app, you will receive email and/or push notifications when you earn enough points to receive a reward.

Where can I redeem my reward?
You can redeem your reward at any participating Freddy's. Freddy's locations at airports, stadiums, on college campuses and other non-traditional venues may be excluded.

How do I redeem rewards at the register?
After earning enough points to redeem a reward, tap the “My Points” button or the "Rewards" tab at the bottom of the screen. Choose your reward item (you can see available rewards by tapping "See what I can get") and tell the Freddy’s cashier which item you would like to redeem and show them your rewards code. The cashier will enter your code and continue your transaction (you must redeem your reward before you pay). Only one reward can be redeemed per transaction.

You cannot substitute a reward for a different menu item, but you can modify your reward with a condiment or topping of the same value.

Can I redeem rewards in the drive-thru?
Yes! Redeeming rewards in the drive-thru is same as at the register (you must redeem your reward before you pay).

Can a reward be redeemed as part of a combo meal?
Unfortunately, no. The item you wish to redeem must be an individual item, rather than part of a meal.

What if I change my mind and decide not to redeem a reward?
Unfortunately, if you change your mind after the cashier has redeemed a reward, we are unable to reload those points into your account.

Can I use multiple FredHead™ accounts during a transaction?
Only one FredHead account per transaction is accepted.

I accidently tapped the "Redeem Reward" button. What do I do?
No worries, you cannot redeem a reward outside of the restaurant. Simply tapping the redeem button will not cause your points to be removed from your account. Your points will remain in your account until the Freddy's cashier enters in your rewards code to redeem your reward.

I don’t have a smart phone; can I still be a member of the Freddy’s Rewards program?
Unfortunately, not at this time. The Freddy's app is the only way to show the rewards code to the cashier to earn or redeem points. You are welcome to still join our Freddy’s Email Fan Club to receive the inside scoop about Freddy’s limited time offers and promotions throughout the year. To join our email program just scroll to the bottom of this page, put in your email address and zip code and join today!