Favorite French Fries

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So the Freddy’s Steak Burger and Frozen Custard finally opened.

The good news:  It’s just up the hill, maybe a five minute drive from our house.

The bad news:  It’s just up the hill, maybe a five minute drive from our house.

We ran up last night to give it a try.  We’ve only been to a Freddy’s once, and that was just for a quick taste of their frozen custard.  Last night we gave it the full test.  Burger, Philly steak sandwich, fries, soda for The Husband (his weakness is Diet Pepsi and they have Pepsi and not Coke) and of course, the frozen custard.

Verdict:  We’ll be back.  The Husband’s Philly sandwich was cold.  I mean cold.  The sprinkled cheese had no hope of melting.  Ever.  But they re-did the sandwich, no problem with the final result much improved.  The Husband liked it.  I liked the simplicity of my burger:  mustard and pickle. That’s just the way I prefer my burgers:  simple.

And the french fries?  My new favorite.  Really.  They’re shoestring size, so little.  And while that means they cool off fairly quick, they don’t get soggy.  They’re crisp and yummy and I ate most of The Husband’s (I never order them, try to be strong but generally succumb to the salty goodness) including the second batch that he received along with his sandwich re-do.

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