FredHead Feed: Introducing the Freddy’s App

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Many of our Guests are loyal Freddy’s fans, our “FredHeads®,” and we wanted to let you know that we love and appreciate you. That’s why we created the new Freddy’s mobile app to bring you information and rewards, all in one place!

App Features

Freddy's Rewards Icon

  • Find Your Freddy’s
  • View Menu
  • Freddy’s Rewards

Download the Freddy’s app to locate your favorite Freddy’s, check out our menu and earn delicious rewards!


Our Freddy’s Rewards Loyalty Program is designed to give the best gift back to our Guests: free Freddy’s! Start earning points when dining on your favorite foods today.
How does it work?

  • Present your loyalty app code to the cashier before you pay for your Freddy’s order.
  • Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend.
  • Cash in your points at the first level or hold on to them to earn a bigger reward.


Phone screen with Freddy's loyalty program

Q&A on Rewards

What kinds of rewards can I get with my points?

  • The rewards system contains three separate levels of rewards at 500, 1,000 and 2,000 points. Each tier contains a “see what I can get” button that shows the options for that level. Rewards range from a mini sundae to a combo meal!

How do I cash in my points?

  • When “FredHeads” reach one of the three reward levels, they can either choose to spend their points or continue saving them up to reach a higher level. When you’re ready to cash in, simply click on the “redeem” button beside the reward tier to receive a temporary code. This code must be shown to the cashier at the time of your order.

Do my points ever expire?

  • Points will expire one year from the earned date, so make sure you cash them in for your favorite Freddy’s treats!For more facts and questions about the app, check out the Q&A page on our website.


The Freddy’s app is a great resource for all things Freddy’s. The “restaurants” section will allow you to search for a local Freddy’s near you by entering your zip code or city, or by simply turning on your location. You can select a restaurant to view details. The app will connect to the phone’s default map system to offer directions to the chosen Freddy’s location. The menu includes descriptions of our items, as well as the calorie counts.


The free Freddy’s app can be downloaded for iPhone or Android phones in their respective app stores. When you open the app, it will prompt you to sign up for an account. Fill in your information (including your birthday for special birthday rewards!) and then begin navigating the app.

For any questions or comments about the app, visit our website, or send us a message through the “contact us” button located in the profile section of the app.

Enjoying the app? Please leave us a review in the app store!

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