FredHead Feed: Myths about Freddy’s

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FredHead_Feed_Logo Top 5 Myths about “Freddie’s”

If you’re a FredHead, you’ve probably heard some myths about “Freddie’s” at one point or another. We have a long and interesting history, as well as famously delicious food that always gets people talking. Here are some of our favorite Freddy’s myths… busted.


Myth: Freddy is not a real person.

Fact: Freddy Simon is the namesake of Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, and he’s very real! A quick look at the walls of any of our restaurants will reveal a lot about him. The restaurant was founded by two of Freddy’s sons, Bill and Randy Simon, along with their friend, Scott Redler. It was then that the business was named in honor of the Simons’ father, and Freddy became the name that is recognized and loved by so many today! Freddy is a United States veteran, which still stands as the inspiration behind our traditional, All-American values.

Today, Freddy is 94 years old and still enjoys an Original Patty Melt and visiting with Freddy’s Guests! He will celebrate his 95th birthday in February, 2020.

Freddy Simon

Myth: Freddy’s food is not cooked fresh.

Fact: At Freddy’s, our food is always cooked-to-order, so it’s hot and ready for you. We don’t start preparing orders until they are placed, so you can rest assured that your food was made just after your order, just for you!


Myth: Freddy’s is a fast food restaurant.

Fact: Freddy’s is a fast-casual restaurant, not fast food, but what does that mean? Our fast-casual classification means that our food is cooked-to-order, our Team Members are always friendly, and our focus is on quality, cleanliness and hospitality.

Woman dipping fries in fry sauce

Myth: Frozen custard is the same as ice cream.

Fact: There are several differences between ice cream and frozen custard. For starters, frozen custard has more eggs and a minimum of 10% butter fat. It is churned through a special machine that leaves less room for ice crystals and air bubbles to form. This produces a thicker, creamier texture that has captured the hearts of Freddy’s fans everywhere!


Myth: Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce® is just ketchup and mustard mixed together.

Fact: Although it does include some ketchup, fry sauce is our own unique mixture that has been perfected by Freddy’s Team Members. The sauce was originally designed for our crispy shoestring fries, but Guests love it so much that they enjoy dipping everything from steakburgers to chicken strips!


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